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     Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 394.  We are the local pack for Wading River, NY, chartered by the Wading River Fire Department.  We are part of the Benjamin Tallmage District, under the Suffolk County Council of the Boy Scouts of America.
     Cub Scouting means “doing”.  Everything in Cub Scouting is designed to have the boys doing things.  The activities are used to achieve the aims of Scouting – citizenship training, character development, and personal fitness.  Apart from the fun and excitement of the Cub Scout activities, the Cub Scout Promise, the Law of the Pack, and the Cub Scout sign all teach good citizenship and contribute to a boy’s sense of belonging.
     Our goal in Pack 394 is to prepare your sons to become responsible, participating citizens and leaders, and teach them to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.  We hope that your son will learn new physical skills, develop interpersonal relationship skills through interactions with other boys his own age, and to develop his mental processes, his value system, and his personal independence.

Join Us in Cub Scouting! 

National Summertime Award

National Summertime Award:

 A pack can qualify for the National Summertime Pack Award by planning and conducting three pack activities - one each in June, July, and August.

Individual scouts that participate in one pack event each summer month can receive the National Summertime Pack Award pin.

Dens with an average attendance of at least half their members at the monthly summer pack events will be eligible for a colorful den participation ribbon.

Interested in Scouting?

Scouting reinforces the skills and values we want our sons to learn while they're having fun. Come to any meeting at the Wading River Elementary school (See calendar for dates and times) for more information.

Scouting is for Parents too!

Active, committed Leaders and parents are the heart and soul of a successful Troop. You don't need to have any special abilities to make a huge difference in a young man's life. Volunteer to help at one of our many events - you'll be glad you did!

The Cub Scout Promise
I, (scout’s name), promise to do my best.
To do my duty to God and my country.
To help other people, and
To obey the Law of the Pack
This promise helps Cub Scouts develop a sense of spiritual awareness, loyalty, unselfishness, self-discipline, and service to others.  What does the promise mean?
I promise – A promise is keeping your word.  The Scout needs to learn it is not right to make a promise and not do your best to keep it.
To do my best – One boy’s best is quite different than another boy’s.  The Scout needs to know that know one can find fault with them if they always do their best.
To do my duty to God – This phrase means to remember to thank God for our good friends, good health, our families, those who love and help us, and for all the things God provides for us.  The Scout needs to respect other people’s religious beliefs, even if they are different from his own.
And my country – Duty to country starts by being a good citizen.  Being a good citizen means obeying the law, using our country’s resources carefully, caring about the people in our communities, and helping those in need.  The Scout shows love for his country by respecting the US flag.
To help other people – This phrase means to treat other people as we would want them to treat us.  The Scout must learn to think about other people, and not always of themselves.  The Scout can do this by taking out the garbage or making his bed without grumbling, being a friend to a new student at school or collecting food for people who don’t have enough to eat.
And to obey the Law of the PackObey means to do what you are suppose to do, and what your parents and other adults ask you to do.  The Scout should follow the law of the land, the rules in his school, the rules in his home, and the rules in his den and pack.     

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